100 Random Things About Me

I love people with all my heart. If you are my friend or my family, you are stuck with me and I will love you with all the love I can give.
Sometimes I don't have a lot to give.
I am trusting. I will always take you at your word.
Because I'm so trusting, it kills me when that trust is broken and it takes awhile for it to be rebuilt.
I get over things quickly. When I am mad at you…watch out…wait it out…I'll be over it soon.
I am an eternal optimist.
I believe in and will always be searching for the good in people.
I love the mountains…I need the mountains…nothing centers me more than the smell of fresh mountain air and a whisper in the wind. Nobody around just me and my God. Peace.
I am stubborn.
I don't like to be wrong.
I will always say I'm sorry.
I will not give up until all is forgiven.
Hallmark commercials sometimes make me cry.
I love to travel.
I love to cook.
I use a recipe only once, and then I change it up and make it my own.
I love to dance.
I love to sing loud…in the car, in the shower, at my desk, anywhere. I don't care who is listening.
I am shy.
The thought that I will never have children kills me. I cry when I hear a friend is pregnant and rejoice with them the next day.
I love the sound of gravel under my tires, with the windows down and the wind blowing through my hair.
I love music. I live music. I feel music. Sad songs make me cry. Happy songs make me dance. You get the point.
I just read the above….I really don't cry all that much. HA
I like to dance in the rain.
Winter is my favorite season.
I love the snow.
I love to read.
I love when people read to me.
An ideal night: Cold winter night, fire in the fireplace, a soft blanket. My head on my loves lap as he reads to me. Anything just to listen to the sound of his voice.
Wishing a night like that could happen.
My grandpa is one of my most favorite people.
I love family.
I love to play cards…especially if I'm winning. Ha ha
I miss my sister.
Not a day goes by that I don't think about my grandmother.
I want to be loved the way I need to be loved and not necessarily the way you want to love me. (figure that one out, ha ha)
I love to laugh.
I am always smiling…even when I'm sad.
I love to teach
I love to learn
I love the smell of library books.
I love the smell of the changing seasons.
I love hot tea.
I both love and hate politics.
I think everyone should vote.
I'm very conservative.
I am very proud of my brother who is serving our country in the US Navy.
I do not like war.
I love to watch football.
My favorite football team is the Kansas City Chiefs.
I really don't care if you don't like them.
My favorite sport to watch is Lacrosse.
I love theatre.
My favorite opera is "Carmen"
I have always wanted to see a Broadway show.
I have always secretly wished I was a singer.
I don't really like watching TV.
I would almost always rather be reading or with someone I love.
I hate shopping.
I love weddings.
There is no better sound than the sound of a child's laughter.
The sound of a nighttime rain storm can lull me to sleep.
I am a hugger.
I love simplicity.
Clutter drives me crazy.
I love to go fishing with my grandpa.
I can gut/clean my own fish and I'm not afraid of worms.
I am afraid of slugs and snails and spiders and snakes and…I think that's it.
I don't like guns.
I will try anything once.
I will do anything for love.
If I am not at work, I'm probably barefoot.
I hate when I let people down. It makes me feel icky.
I try too hard to make people happy.
I sacrifice my happiness for others often.
I love to watch people.
I am one of those annoying people who is almost always happy.
It breaks my heart to see people hurting. I always want to make it better, and it frustrates me greatly when I can't.
I'm a great listener.
I want to leave this earth knowing I made an impact in making this world a better place.
I wish I was a better person.
I will never again beg someone to love me. I refuse to be that girl.
I am worthy of your love. Take it or leave it. If you leave it…it's your loss.
I am not afraid to tell you I don't know.
I am often too proud to ask for help.
When I am mad I cry, when I am sad I can be mean.
I am very protective over people I care about.
I love poetry. I used to write poetry. I should start writing again.
Daisies are my favorite flower. They always make smile. I think roses are over rated.
I think making jewelry is cheaper than therapy.
I care what people think…even though I say I don't.
I love photography, especially when I can really capture a person.
I worry too much.
I like to get my nails done; I don't care if it's girly.
I love hanging out with my girlfriends.
I make the best out of every situation.
I'm grouchy if I don't get 8 hours of sleep.
I lollygag way too much in the morning and then rush to get ready for work.
A hot bath makes everything better.
I believe in miracles.