Goodbye 2010 and Goodbye Resolutions

It's New Years Eve, I'm in my living surrounded me the Christmas tree and decorations that still adorn our house.  I suppose I should take them all down this weekend.  I'm reading posts of people who are reflecting on 2010 and making resolutions for 2011.

As far as resolutions go, I'm choosing to not make any this year.  I mean, let's face it...I'm not very stellar at sticking to them. Yesterday on the radio I heard the DJ's talking about choosing a one word theme for the year, instead of resolutions.  They talked about how resolutions are so much focused on the past and what's wrong with us we would like to fix instead of focusing on moving forward into the future. I like the idea of the one word theme, focusing on the positivity of moving forward instead of the negativity of regrets.  In that spirit I'm currently trying to decide on what my word will be for 2011.  I don't think I'm going to decide on this word before tomorrow, but I will decide on one soon.

Some words I'm pondering:


Have you done a One Word Theme?  If so, what was your word?  If you haven't picked a word, check out My One Word and get inspired.

Happy New Year my friends.

Things that brought me joy today:
* Breakfast with my family
* Watching Eclipse with Yngvild
* A clean house



Why I think Dexter Rocks

If you have known me for any significant period of time, you know that I am a die hard Kansas City Chiefs fan.  I have loved them through thick and thin…and let’s face it, the last 10-15 years have been pretty thin.  None the less,  I have remained true to the team I love.  This year Chiefs fan have been rewarded for their loyalty!!  Yesterday they clinched the win of our division, (shout out to the Bangles for shutting down the Chargers..woot woot) and I was a happy girl.  I was dancing in the living room…I was even 10 minutes late to church because I had to be sure that the Bangles won their game. (Speaking of which I should pause for a moment and apologize to both God and my husband for making football a priority yesterday...Jeff, sorry for shooshing you during football…I love you!!)

Whew, sorry, moving on…

After my posts on Facebook about my KC excitement, I get an BB IM (if you don’t BlackBerry, you don’t understand. haha) from my dear bloggy/Twitter/Facebook friend Kim asking me if I was a McCluster fan.  I was thinking “Do eagles fly? Did Jesus walk on water? Do peanut butter and honey go together? YES I’m a Dexter fan” LOL  I wish I could remember exactly how she worded her response, but it was something along the line of “He’s a cool guy”.  I responded back something along the lines of “I don’t know much about him, but he sure does know how to play some football.” Then I got to thinking about Kim’s statement…I decided it meant one of two things 1) She knows him personally or 2) There is a story behind this man that is more than football and a pretty face.  (For those who don’t know who Dexter McCluster is the brief rundown is: College played for Ole Miss, was 2010 draft pick for KC Chiefs, plays as our amazing Wide Receiver #22, and will certainly be named the 2010 MVP…or at least should be *grins*)

Dexter and Kim were still on my mind this morning, so in true stalker fashion I pull up Google and start typing “Dexter McCluster” into the search line.  As you know, when you start typing anything onto a Google search line, suggested searches pop up.  Among them were the ones I expected, like biographies, stats, fantasy football value, etc…but one popped up I didn’t expect: “Dexter McCluster Testimony”  Out of curiosity I selected it, and up popped several video links. YouTube had 16 videos.  What I saw brought tears to my eyes, here is one of them:

Three things that really impressed me about Dexter:

  1.  His honesty.  When asked the question where he was with God…he could have easily made up something to fit in with the group, but he chose to be honest on where he was with his relationship with God.  He acknowledged there was sin in his life, and he knew something needed to be done about it.
  2.  He accepted what had happened to him.  Like my accident, God used a horrible incident to show His Power to Dexter.
  3.  Unlike me, Dexter is using his story to bring people into the Kingdom.  He accepted Jesus as his savior, and immediately started using his position of influence and his story to start leading people into the loving arms of Jesus.

I am convicted today to start telling my story.  I might not be a famous football player with the potentional of influencing millions, but I still have a story to tell.  If I only bring 1 person into the Kingdom, I made a difference.

My story will be coming up in future posts…what about you?  What’s your story?



I'll Just Keep Swimming

Tonight I went for a swim. I've always been a huge fan of the water. Water is almost blissful to fact I'm fairly certain Heaven has majestic mountains and lots of would be Heaven to me anyway. :)

Tonight as I was swimming it was felt defeating. 'Back in the day' I used to swim competitively, and I was fairly good at it. I could swim for hours and never get tired. That was I'm not in the shape I was then. Tonight 25 meters, 1 length of the pool, had me panting. The water seemed to mock me, each lap was harder, each lap required more breathing, each lap demanded more, and each lap the wall looked further away. Right before I started to feel defeated, I remembered that I had just successfully won a battle losing almost 70 pounds. Sure my 17 year old body could swap laps around the 33 year old body I have now, but I couldn't let my mind defeat me now. I kept swimming. I kept pushing myself until my body had nothing more to give, and then I swam one more lap. Right now my heart isn't strong, my body is weak...but tonight it is stronger than it was this morning. Walking out of the pool my legs were wobbly, my breathing was hard, movement seemed impossible...and it was awesome. In my weakened state I was stronger.

Right now this is my battle, and tonight I wasn't defeated. I'm not sure what your battle is, but I know that every minute takes determination. Every moment is a choice. I hope you choose to just keep swimming. :)



Why do I bother?

Sometimes I wonder why I even try. I want to stamp my foot and cry out "it's not fair!!" Why don't I get appreciated for this? Why be nice to this person if he/she isn't nice back? Why keep doing the dishes when I turn around to find yet another dish in the sink instead of in the dishwasher?

I had one of those mornings. One of those mornings where I felt like I do all this working and loving and trying to be a blessing to the people I love is all for nothing. Then I had to stop and remind myself that it really isn't all about me after all.

To love we have to be have to joyfully lay down our selfish desires as a sacrifice to those we love. Ephesians says: Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. (5:1-2)

God sacrificed his throne to become a man and die a horrible death on a cross in order to show his love for us. Is laying my selfish desires really to much to ask to show my love? So I will continue to love the best I can; I will continue to serve; I will continue to extend grace even when it is not extended to me....and I will put that dish in the dishwasher with a smile.



"Religious Persecution"...seriously??

I've heard much discussion the past few days about a high school boy who dropped to one knee and pointed to heaven after a touchdown.  The ref assessed a 15 yard penalty for his end-zone celebration.  All the hubbub seems to be coming from people who are very upset calling this 15 yard penalty religious persecution.

Here is the "offense" in action:


Seriously?  Religious persecution?  We in America don't even fully understand what religious persecution is.

Asia Bibi is currently sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy because she told a group of women that Jesus Christ was the true prophet of God.

Last week three Christians were killed in Iraq where Christians have been frequent targets of Islamic extremists.

This, my friends, is religious persecution....a 15 yard penalty...hardly.  Was the call a little harsh considering the entire "celebration" took just a couple seconds, maybe; however, the WIAA has rules against end-zone celebrations.  All he had to do was drop the ball and he would not have been penalized.  Holding on to the ball, he would have received the same penalty if he did a back flip or the funky chicken.  The rules of the game are the rules...we shouldn't expect a free pass from the rules because of our belief system.

If you want to read about religious persecution happening across the globe check out Voice of the Martyrs