Goodbye 2010 and Goodbye Resolutions

It's New Years Eve, I'm in my living surrounded me the Christmas tree and decorations that still adorn our house.  I suppose I should take them all down this weekend.  I'm reading posts of people who are reflecting on 2010 and making resolutions for 2011.

As far as resolutions go, I'm choosing to not make any this year.  I mean, let's face it...I'm not very stellar at sticking to them. Yesterday on the radio I heard the DJ's talking about choosing a one word theme for the year, instead of resolutions.  They talked about how resolutions are so much focused on the past and what's wrong with us we would like to fix instead of focusing on moving forward into the future. I like the idea of the one word theme, focusing on the positivity of moving forward instead of the negativity of regrets.  In that spirit I'm currently trying to decide on what my word will be for 2011.  I don't think I'm going to decide on this word before tomorrow, but I will decide on one soon.

Some words I'm pondering:


Have you done a One Word Theme?  If so, what was your word?  If you haven't picked a word, check out My One Word and get inspired.

Happy New Year my friends.

Things that brought me joy today:
* Breakfast with my family
* Watching Eclipse with Yngvild
* A clean house



Why I think Dexter Rocks

If you have known me for any significant period of time, you know that I am a die hard Kansas City Chiefs fan.  I have loved them through thick and thin…and let’s face it, the last 10-15 years have been pretty thin.  None the less,  I have remained true to the team I love.  This year Chiefs fan have been rewarded for their loyalty!!  Yesterday they clinched the win of our division, (shout out to the Bangles for shutting down the Chargers..woot woot) and I was a happy girl.  I was dancing in the living room…I was even 10 minutes late to church because I had to be sure that the Bangles won their game. (Speaking of which I should pause for a moment and apologize to both God and my husband for making football a priority yesterday...Jeff, sorry for shooshing you during football…I love you!!)

Whew, sorry, moving on…

After my posts on Facebook about my KC excitement, I get an BB IM (if you don’t BlackBerry, you don’t understand. haha) from my dear bloggy/Twitter/Facebook friend Kim asking me if I was a McCluster fan.  I was thinking “Do eagles fly? Did Jesus walk on water? Do peanut butter and honey go together? YES I’m a Dexter fan” LOL  I wish I could remember exactly how she worded her response, but it was something along the line of “He’s a cool guy”.  I responded back something along the lines of “I don’t know much about him, but he sure does know how to play some football.” Then I got to thinking about Kim’s statement…I decided it meant one of two things 1) She knows him personally or 2) There is a story behind this man that is more than football and a pretty face.  (For those who don’t know who Dexter McCluster is the brief rundown is: College played for Ole Miss, was 2010 draft pick for KC Chiefs, plays as our amazing Wide Receiver #22, and will certainly be named the 2010 MVP…or at least should be *grins*)

Dexter and Kim were still on my mind this morning, so in true stalker fashion I pull up Google and start typing “Dexter McCluster” into the search line.  As you know, when you start typing anything onto a Google search line, suggested searches pop up.  Among them were the ones I expected, like biographies, stats, fantasy football value, etc…but one popped up I didn’t expect: “Dexter McCluster Testimony”  Out of curiosity I selected it, and up popped several video links. YouTube had 16 videos.  What I saw brought tears to my eyes, here is one of them:

Three things that really impressed me about Dexter:

  1.  His honesty.  When asked the question where he was with God…he could have easily made up something to fit in with the group, but he chose to be honest on where he was with his relationship with God.  He acknowledged there was sin in his life, and he knew something needed to be done about it.
  2.  He accepted what had happened to him.  Like my accident, God used a horrible incident to show His Power to Dexter.
  3.  Unlike me, Dexter is using his story to bring people into the Kingdom.  He accepted Jesus as his savior, and immediately started using his position of influence and his story to start leading people into the loving arms of Jesus.

I am convicted today to start telling my story.  I might not be a famous football player with the potentional of influencing millions, but I still have a story to tell.  If I only bring 1 person into the Kingdom, I made a difference.

My story will be coming up in future posts…what about you?  What’s your story?



I'll Just Keep Swimming

Tonight I went for a swim. I've always been a huge fan of the water. Water is almost blissful to fact I'm fairly certain Heaven has majestic mountains and lots of would be Heaven to me anyway. :)

Tonight as I was swimming it was felt defeating. 'Back in the day' I used to swim competitively, and I was fairly good at it. I could swim for hours and never get tired. That was I'm not in the shape I was then. Tonight 25 meters, 1 length of the pool, had me panting. The water seemed to mock me, each lap was harder, each lap required more breathing, each lap demanded more, and each lap the wall looked further away. Right before I started to feel defeated, I remembered that I had just successfully won a battle losing almost 70 pounds. Sure my 17 year old body could swap laps around the 33 year old body I have now, but I couldn't let my mind defeat me now. I kept swimming. I kept pushing myself until my body had nothing more to give, and then I swam one more lap. Right now my heart isn't strong, my body is weak...but tonight it is stronger than it was this morning. Walking out of the pool my legs were wobbly, my breathing was hard, movement seemed impossible...and it was awesome. In my weakened state I was stronger.

Right now this is my battle, and tonight I wasn't defeated. I'm not sure what your battle is, but I know that every minute takes determination. Every moment is a choice. I hope you choose to just keep swimming. :)



Why do I bother?

Sometimes I wonder why I even try. I want to stamp my foot and cry out "it's not fair!!" Why don't I get appreciated for this? Why be nice to this person if he/she isn't nice back? Why keep doing the dishes when I turn around to find yet another dish in the sink instead of in the dishwasher?

I had one of those mornings. One of those mornings where I felt like I do all this working and loving and trying to be a blessing to the people I love is all for nothing. Then I had to stop and remind myself that it really isn't all about me after all.

To love we have to be have to joyfully lay down our selfish desires as a sacrifice to those we love. Ephesians says: Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. (5:1-2)

God sacrificed his throne to become a man and die a horrible death on a cross in order to show his love for us. Is laying my selfish desires really to much to ask to show my love? So I will continue to love the best I can; I will continue to serve; I will continue to extend grace even when it is not extended to me....and I will put that dish in the dishwasher with a smile.



"Religious Persecution"...seriously??

I've heard much discussion the past few days about a high school boy who dropped to one knee and pointed to heaven after a touchdown.  The ref assessed a 15 yard penalty for his end-zone celebration.  All the hubbub seems to be coming from people who are very upset calling this 15 yard penalty religious persecution.

Here is the "offense" in action:


Seriously?  Religious persecution?  We in America don't even fully understand what religious persecution is.

Asia Bibi is currently sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy because she told a group of women that Jesus Christ was the true prophet of God.

Last week three Christians were killed in Iraq where Christians have been frequent targets of Islamic extremists.

This, my friends, is religious persecution....a 15 yard penalty...hardly.  Was the call a little harsh considering the entire "celebration" took just a couple seconds, maybe; however, the WIAA has rules against end-zone celebrations.  All he had to do was drop the ball and he would not have been penalized.  Holding on to the ball, he would have received the same penalty if he did a back flip or the funky chicken.  The rules of the game are the rules...we shouldn't expect a free pass from the rules because of our belief system.

If you want to read about religious persecution happening across the globe check out Voice of the Martyrs


Today is a good day

Right now I'm sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings, half watching the Buffs get demolished by the Rams, and half reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. I found something I can eat on the menu, which is always exciting for me....and enjoying time with my husband.

I think sometimes I forget to stop and recognize the simple blessings in my life...maybe spending the morning out in the country made me reflective today. Yngvild and I rose early this morning to go out to a friends family farm and go horseback riding. I love visiting farms, almost as much as I love going to the mountains....almost. Getting out of the city, watching the sun rise, smelling the fresh air....and the only creature you have to communicate with is the horse. God, me, horse....peace. What an amazing way to start a Saturday. Yngvild is a natural on a horse. You could tell she was at peace, and totally in her element at the farm. She lives on a farm in Norway.

I dropped her off with friends to go watch a soccer game, and I retreated home for a bath and get ready to come watch football with my hubby. I think he loves that I come to spend time with him. This is my husbands element. He gives me a hard time about bringing my iPad and a book when there are so many games you can watch all at the same time. LOL I don't think I'd have it any other way though. :)

Well...I think I'll check in on Facebook and get back to my book.



Pure Joy

I am having a great time with my Norwegian “daughter”.  She does so much that brings delight to my everyday life.  Some random things that make me smile:


·         She asks me to braid her hair.  It might seem silly, but I just love sitting there chatting and braiding her hair.

·         I love reading, and I love being read to.  Yngvild likes to read out loud to work on her English, so last night she asked if she could read to me. Pure bliss.

·         She talks…a lot.  I love listening to her…whether she is talking about her day, or Norway, or whatever.  I can tell she is comfortable because she just opens up and starts talking.

·         She loves music as much as I do.  When DH isn’t home, we mostly listen to music and talk.  I love that we like a lot of the same music, and that we can introduce each other to artists we weren’t familiar with.

·         We both love movie nights.

·         She sings.  She sings in the car, in the shower, when she is getting ready in the morning, when she is hanging out in her room.  I love hearing her sing…it tells me her heart is happy.

·         She has this phrase she frequently uses which just makes me giggle.  She always says “I couldn’t be bothered to…”  She uses it like we might say “I didn’t feel like doing…”  For example: “My feet are cold, but I couldn’t be bothered to put on socks”.  I love it, makes me giggle every time.

·         Most importantly, she just has a heart of gold.  She genuinely cares for people and animals.  She rejoices with them when they are happy, and her heart breaks if someone is sad.


We are blessed to have such a great girl in our life.  I know DH is enjoying having her around as much as I do.  We have a long weekend together, and I’m so excited.  I think a shopping trip is in order.  J




Meet My New "Daughter"

Last Thursday night our new foreign exchange student arrived from Norway.  Her name is Yngvild, and she has already captured our hearts.

Here is a photo from her arrival:

The outside are two girls I've known for most of their life.  They were getting an exchange student as well. Yngvild and Charlotte flew together to CO from Norway.  Charlotte is the 2nd from the left, and Yngvild is to her left.

Yngvild is so sweet and makes me laugh constantly.  It has been fun watching her experience America with new eyes.

One night when we took her shopping for school supplies there was a bin full of foam swords.  She thought it was so funny that it was something a store would sell.  She bopped me on the head with a sword and exclaimed "I love America!" 

Yngvild was also excited for her first trip to Wal-Mart.  I usually view going to Wal-Mart as a chore, but when I pulled into Wal-Mart Yngvild squealed with delight saying "We are going to Wal-Mart?!? The whole world knows Wal-Mart".  Unfortunately it was late and we were in a hurry, so I'll have to take her back when we have time to wander around for awhile.

Yngy (as we've been calling her) loves the arts and has signed up for dance classes, theater, and choir.  I'm thinking the next year we will be attending many performances.  We are excited for the 10 months to come and wanting to show her as much as we can.

In other news, I'm trying to figure out what to make for Christmas presents this year...any ideas??


Summer Update

I've needed to update my blog for some time, and a friend of mine just posted a Summer Update.  I thought that sounded like a good idea, so I'm stealing it. :)  LOL

So this is what has been going this summer:

* Traveling for work.  I made trips to Grand Junction, Steamboat Springs, and Craig to meet the agents newly assigned to me.  I love having the opportunity to meet the people I talk to every day on the phone.  I miss my Reno, NV agents greatly, but my new CO agents are pretty awesome.  I also took a trip to Tempe, AZ for a meeting.  113 degrees in AZ...need I say more?

* I was one of 4 sponsors to take 30 teens to summer camp for a week in Durango.  They are awesome kids, and we had great time.  Being around teens like this gives you hope for the future.

* I go to the mountains every chance I can get.  This isn't really a summer thing, this is just just a me thing. LOL

* I've been focused on getting myself healthy this summer.  I have lost 28 lbs so far.  I realize I have a long way to go, but I feel better each day.  This has given a great boost to my self confidence as well.  For the first time in probably 10 years I am confident I will reach this goal and keep the weight off.  Who knew I could actually start to crave fruits and vegetables?

* "De-cluttering" my body has also made me look at de-cluttering my life.  Slowly I've been going through and getting rid of everything from clothes in my closet to toxic relationships.  I just feel a need to make life less complicated.

*  Jeff and I have been getting ready for the arrival of our new "daughter". This year's foreign exchange student is coming to us in less than 2 weeks from Norway.  Her name is Yngvild, she is 16 years old, and she seems to be incredibly sweet and fun.  We cannot wait to meet her and get to know her.

* I joined a book club this summer.  This my first time in a book club and I really enjoy it.  Which reminds me, I need to get started on August's book.

Hmmmm....I'm sure there are several things I've done this summer, but that is all that's coming to my mind for now.  I hope you are having a great summer!!  :)



Things that bring me joy:
* My little dog jumping for joy to see me.
* Fresh air on cool summer mornings
* My husband being proud of me for my accomplishments.

*sigh* I'm one blessed girl. :)


How Can a Woman Not Love The Lord?

I got this in an email today, and I liked it.  Thought I would share it with all of you.

How Can a Woman Not Love The Lord?
  • He is a gentleman
  • He is confident 
  • He is a provider and protector
  • He is rich and powerful
  • He owns everything; there is nothing He wouldn't do for me 
  • He perfects all things concerning me 
  • He anticipates my wants and needs
  • Every day He tells me and shows me how much He loves me
  • I don't have to perform in order to earn His love 
  • He keeps all of his promises
  • No one can influence His opinion of me
  • He is the ultimate intimate partner
  • He can't 'disown' me because I am a part of Him
  • He prepares a table before me 
  • He covers me and doesn't expose me
  • He wrote His loving words down so that I'll never forget how He feels about me!  

Any man, who wants pointers on how to love a woman, should study GOD!
Ladies, wake up every day and thank God for being the best 'man' in your life!

Today I'm thankful for:
* Good friends
* Some peace and quiet  :)
* Having lost 6 pounds so far on my new diet. Yay!!


The Things I Never Needed

There is a blog that I LOVE to read.  It's by the one and only Lula.  She is not only fabulously funny, she has a great ear for music.  Monday she posted a song by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. The song is titled "Things I Never Needed," and I fell in love with this song. Can't wait to get over to iTunes and download their album.

Here is the song for your listening pleasure, and the lyrics below:

Take a long hard look at my face
Take away the things I can't replace
Take my heart, go on take it away
I've got nothing to say

Take away this sense of regret
Take the things I need to forget
Take the mistakes I haven't made yet
They're all I have left

I don't want to be the one who lets you down
All I did was run myself around
I wish I could have seen through your eyes
Maybe then I would have realized
I'm the only one who's bleeding
For the things I never needed
The things I never needed

Take a good long look at yourself
Take the weight off everyone else
Take the hardest blow that was dealt
It's all on your shoulders

I don't want to be the one who lets you down
All I did was run myself around
I wish I could have seen through your eyes
Maybe then I would have realized
I'm the only one who's bleeding
For the things I never needed
The things I never needed

I don't want to be the one who lets you down
All I did was run myself around
I wish I could have seen through your eyes
Maybe then I would have realized
I'm the only one who's bleeding
For the things I never needed
The things I never needed

Things I am greatful for:
1) The love of discovering new music that I love
2) Day's off with a nice summer breeze coming through the window
3) Taking my pup to the dog park to play fetch and let her run free (she is greatful for this, too!! We are going this afternoon and I can't wait.)



Update on Lights Out's been a crazy couple weeks trying to adjust turning the lights/electronics off at sundown.  It's amazing how much "flipping on a light" is a habit...even if the light isn't really needed. One thing about this lights out experiment is it gives me much less time to do things online...such as update my blog. LOL

In all, I LOVE this experiment, and I love the idea behind it even if I'm not successful every night. I find myself looking forward to sundown, I love the look of my house in candle light. I love how peaceful and relaxing it is. Some how reading by candle light seems to bring me more joy than reading already did...and I LOVE to read people. :)

My shocker, I really don't miss my computer and the TV...well, I don't want much TV anyway, so turning that off is more of a sacrifice for hubby than for me. However the iPad and I are BFF's...and I don't mind turning it off at sundown...well...unless I'm engrossed on someone's blog or the newest iBook I downloaded. LOL  There is something relaxing about turning it off and not worrying about what is happening in the rest of the world.

So the only pitfall is it's hard to accomplish this goal when other people (even if it's just one person) lives on the house.  My dear, sweet, hubby who agreed to play along...well...makes it complicated.  See, it's basketball finals (Go Boston...just sayin)...and he has a brand new HCT Incredible phone...both of which require his attention long after sundown.  SO...I find my self in our beautifully candlelit bedroom alone reading...while hubby is in the living room watching TV or playing FarmVille.  Not exactly the idea of romance I had in mind. I was really hoping this candlelight time would kinda bring us together...forced quality time sort of's still early.  Perhaps soon he will look forward to sundown as much as I do.

So...that is a quick update on how the experiment is going. Hopefully I will check in sooner next time.  :)


30 Day Challenge

Yesterday I stumbled upon this blog post by JD Moyer. In it he talks about a period of time his family went without artificial light after sundown. He wrote about how our bodies naturally have a sleep rhythm that coordinate with the rising and setting of the sun. He discussed how our use of artificial light has thrown off that rhythm, which causes us to not only not have enough hours of sleep, but also not enough quality sleep.

In the 30 days he found "In a nutshell: more sleep, better sleep, improved mood, and an entirely different rhythm to both waking and sleeping life." As someone who has never slept well, this idea intrigued me. I talked to hubby and he is behind it 100%. Now at sundown we are turning off the TV's, computers, cell phones and (gasp) my iPad. We are going to spend time reading/playing games by candle light, talking, cuddling...err...etc. :)

I am really excited to see where this takes us over the next 30 days. I will let you know how it goes. We started last night, and I couldn't believe how relaxing it was, and how rested I felt this morning. Anyone want to play along?


Apryll :)



Hmmm....where do I begin? I have been in a funk for the past couple weeks. For several reasons I suppose. Several changes....and just the whole "it's Mother's Day and I don't have's my party I can cry if I want to kinda funk." Through that I know all is well. Through that friends and family have been awesome!! I don't want to forget that. I don't want to forget just how blessed I am.

So now for some exciting news...drum roll please....we have been confirmed as a host family for a foreign exchange student for the 2010/2011 school year. Our "daughter" is 16 and she is from Norway. I am SO excited, and August just can't get here fast enough. We cannot wait to get to know her.

Tonight was awesome. I got to hang out with a friend named Stephanie. She is a college age student at our church. She has such an awesome, random, fun-filled spirit. Hmmm...even though she said I'm not very funny....brat...I can be funny. LOL she is awesome, and I am so glad she has become a part of my life. She is kinda like a little sister to me, and I love having her around.

Things that brought me joy today:

*chatting with my Dad
*Learning to play chess with Steph
* makes everything better




Ugh....have you ever had one of those days? The next couple days are going to be like this I am afraid. Days where its one thing after another and not enough time in between to finish the first thing....

I tried the elephant know the "how do you eat an bite at a time". My problem the rest of the elephant kept shouting at me "have you got over here yet?" hmmm...disturbing picture LOL...but you catch my drift right????

I need to pull myself together before tomorrow. What do you do on days like this? When the "to be done" pile is growing faster than the "done" pile? One thing I know...I am glad I am surrounded by people who can make me laugh throughout the day...and I am glad I have things outside of work I am passionate about. Both make those long work days a little easier to bare.

Night all.

Things that brought me joy today:
* lunch with a friend
* sweet puppies to love on
* trusting I have better things coming


Lazy Sunday's

I love Sunday. In fact...the only thing I do not like about Sunday is that it means tomorrow is Monday. LOL

My family has a tradition of going out to breakfast every Sunday morning. I love this! We sit there for hours eating, laughing, talking. I realize very few people have their 88 year old Grandpa to I try to enjoy as many moments with him as possible. My Grandpa's BFF John also joins us for these breakfasts. He is like another Grandpa to me, and it is fun to see how his jokes make my Grandpa's entire face light up.

After breakfast I head off to church. My family says my church is a little too "holy roller" for them (what my mom calls it because of the "rock" music) LOL I am enjoying that it is becoming a little charismatic, and I LOVE the people that go there. I love how on the Sundays my hubby has to work, I can go there and never have go sit by myself. There are so many people who feel like family, and I love that.

Oh, and I love Sunday afternoon naps. I always fall asleep in the couch with my puppy curled up on my lap. :)

Now I am off to figure out something amazing for dinner. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!


What made one happy today:
* old movies on TV
* my Grandpa's laugh
* cherished time with friends and family


A New Kind of Joy

So if you've spent any time reading blogs, there are actually several blogs written by happy homemakers who talk about the joy of homemaking.  If I'm being completely honest...all them made me think two things:

1) The had to be lying...I mean, who actually likes to clean??
2) If the are telling the truth, I wish I could find joy in it.

Don't get me house stays tidy.  However, we have more stuff than we really need...and neither one of us has a ton of spare time on our hands to go through stuff.   SO, today I had a free day while hubby was at work and decided I should conquer our master bedroom closet.  It was actually fun.  I took out three bags of clothes.  One bag of stuff that is going to good will, one bag that just went straight to the trash, and one bag of items that can be repaired (buttons sown back on, hems repaired, etc.). Plus I uncovered clothes that I actually forgot that I have!!

I just couldn't believe how much joy I got out of the I know my husband is going to be so excited!  So, yes my friends...I had fun cleaning.  :)

Things that brought me joy today:
1) Hubby coming home to spend time with me on his lunch break.
2) My clean closet (of course)
3) All my new BlogFrog friends!


Give Me Your Eyes

This weekend at church our worship leader sang the song "Give Me Your Eyes" by Brandon Heath.  I've heard it a couple times before, but it just really hit me this weekend.

I want the chorus to be my prayer:
Give me your eyes for just one second
Give me your eyes so I can see
Everything that I keep missing
Give me your love for humanity
Give me your arms for the broken-hearted
The ones that are far beyond my reach
Give me your heart for the ones forgotten
Give me your eyes so I can see 

I think that I get so caught up with what is going on in my life, I don't pause to notice what is going on with everyone else. There is a line right before the first chorus that says "All those people are going somewhere, why have I never cared." When I heard that line on Sunday it was like a punch in the stomach.  People come through our lives all the time, do we stop to take notice?

Here is the song so you can check it out for yourself.

Today I'm thankful for:
* Young Living Essential Oils
* My friend Jennifer
* Sunshine on a cloudy day..ok just being lyrical. LOL It was a BEAUTIFUL day though!
* The loving support of my amazing husband.



Friday Fragmants

Mommy's Idea

I wish I had time to stop and take a picture of the sunrise this morning, for two reasons 
1) It was amazingly beautiful 
2) I’m rarely awake early enough to enjoy one.

I forgot how much I like the quietness of the early morning….although I still don’t know that I’ll purposefully get up that early very often.

Listened to the song “This Is Your Life” by Switchfoot on my way into work this morning.  I like that song….there might be a blog post about that song coming to a blog near you (ummm…that is my blog….LOL)

I am so excited to have three days off next week!!  Didn’t you just take a vacation a few weeks ago, you might be wondering?  Why yes I did!  But it’s my precious Lea’s last week with us, and I want to spend every last moment with her.

Grieving for my friend, Chuck, who lost his son in a year long fight of bone cancer. RIP Devin

I saw the move “Avatar” tonight.  It was AMAZING!  I’ve heard something about a conspiracy theory that it’s something from the Obama camp pushing socialism…I don’t know about that. I do know the special effects were amazing.

Did I tell you I’m off for the next three days?  Oh, we covered that…I have a one track mind right now. Hahaha

Tomorrow I need to get pictures downloaded so I can catch up my picture a day.

Want to see more Friday Fragments, come visit Mrs.4444 here.

Is It Me that is Changing?

So lately I’ve noticed a huge change in my husband.  Here are some examples:  He’s cooked me breakfast, done the laundry, called me from work because he wanted to hear my voice, sent me text messages saying he misses me, he’s just been…sweet.  He’s giving me lots of hugs and he kisses me like he means it!!!

So last night I asked him why he was being so incredibly sweet to me…not that I’m complaining. *smiles* He said something that still shocks me to this moment.  He said he hasn’t changed at all, that I have.  The look of confusion on my face spurred him to explain.  He said that he has always done this sort of thing before, that up until now I simply hadn’t noticed or was annoyed.  That he’s always done small things like this to show his love for me, it’s just taken me this long to notice and appreciate them.  He said he wasn’t the one who change, instead it was me.

You know what he attributes this change to?  My blogging new year’s resolution.  He likes that I’m looking for the good in things, especially him.  Now the vast improvement in kisses I’m sure is a change…I’m pretty sure I’d remember those!!  Perhaps this is because I’ve been telling him how much I appreciate him. *winks*

Who knew my love bug has been right there in front of me the whole time?!? How could I be so blind?  I’m sorry, Jeff, for not noticing all of your sweet/loving/thoughtful actions; for not fully appreciating the amazing man that you are.  I’m so incredibly grateful you are my husband.  Thank you for loving me where I am, even when I’ve been incredibly un-loveable.  Words cannot explain how deep my love is for you, or how thankful I am for you.

Things that have brought me joy:
·        * My incredible husband
·        * An iPod full of music I love
·         *The thought that I have the next 5 days off!! Woot!
·          * I have the love of a lifetime
·         *Snow capped mountains against Colorado Blue skies  = Beautiful


Who Am I Becoming?

Tonight at church we were talking about New Years Resolutions and new beginnings/fresh starts. Something, as you can tell, that has been on my mind this week.

The pastor was speaking on the passage from Luke chapter 15, the well known story about the prodigal son. He was talking about how after the son blew his inheritance on wild living, he hit the low point in his life and it wasn't fun anymore. He saw the bad decisions he had made and didn't like the direction his life was going. I related with that tonight. I think that is why I slipped into a funk in
December, and why I have been grasping at the opportunity of a fresh start this year. I didn't squander an inheritance, or really have "wild living", but I did make some poor decisions this year. I'm not proud of the person I was becoming, I needed a fresh start. The pastor wrapped it up with this verse and it gave me hope. I hope it does the same for you.

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come" 2 Corinthians 5:17

Things that brought me joy today:
* drinking tea at Celestial Seasonings
* a safe drive home through a winter storm
* an incredibly sweet husband, who I love more than I knew....I know that sounds weird, but it makes sense to me. Lol
* Coffee with two of my favorite girls
* Laughter with friends

Oh yeah, was a good day.
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Feeling Excited

I love January, it's my second favorite month.  I love the freshness, everything is new.  Especially this year!  New Month, New Year, New's full of possibilities.  I love that I've been on here blogging...even though I've really been blogging about nothing...but that is ok, because as far as readers, I don't have many.  :)   (Hi Mom!...Actually, I am pretty sure my mom doesn't read my blog, lol)

I think this year, more than most, I'm ready for a fresh start in my life.  I've been growing rather discontent with the "status quo".  I kinda feel like I put a bookmark in my life a couple years ago and stopped reading.  I don't know what's going to happen next in the story because I've let the book of my life become dusty. As much as I resist change in my life, change is good, change keeps things fresh, change keeps life moving forward.  I don't know that I'm any better, any different than I was at this point two years ago...or even four years ago.

I want to do better at  loving people...really loving them....especially the ones in my life who are hard to love.  I want to knock down the wall I use to keep people out, and start letting people into my life again.  I want to start doing something with my life that means something, I want to make a difference in this world. Oh, and I want to read more.  I definitely want to read more.

So, I'm excited about the things I'm accomplishing now.  I'm excited to go to Boulder tomorrow with Lea, and to go to my old home town.  I'm excited for the opportunity that creates to take some pictures.  I'm SO excited about the thought of not having to go to work tomorrow. HA! Oh what a day tomorrow can hold. 

Oh, and my favorite month is February in case you are wondering.  :)  It's my birthday month, and I love birthdays!

Things that brought me joy today
*My husband calling just because he wanted to hear my voice.
*My awesome agents and their staff who keep my laughing all day long.
*My friend who told me I did a great job in a meeting today and said I really know my stuff.
*Watching Made of Honor with Lea tonight and laughing...even though the movie is completely predictable.



Minor Adjustments

OK, so if you are someone who actually reads this've probably noticed I'm already falling off the bandwagon, because I didn't post a pic/what brought me joy.  I'm finding it difficult to both remember to take pictures (the camera is now in my purse) and downloading the pic on my husbands computer onto a thumb drive then onto my computer.  Perhaps a new laptop would make this easier (hint, hint to my husband).  HA

So, I'm thinking my pictures will post every copy days instead of every day, but there will still be a picture taken each day (except for yesterday because I missed it. )

Sunday's Joy:

*Sunday afternoon naps!  (those are the best!!)
*KC Chiefs win

Today's Joy:
*Making up with a friend I had a small argument with, and a sweet note from another friend.
*Getting tons of work done, I love productive days!
*Coming home to my family

I hope you have been able to find some joy in your days!


Me n Daddy

This is my late post for yesterday. I was so exhausted by the time I got home, there was no way I could get online and blog.  :)

You know what is cool about this New Years resolution of mine?  Yesterday I was totally focused on what good was going on in my life, on what things were bringing me joy.  What an awesome thing to be looking for/focused on!

Here is pic number 2 of me and my Daddy.  This might not seem like a great picture, but it made me feel special to see how focused he was on whatever it is that I was saying. :)

So here are some random things that brought me joy yesterday:

*Having such an awesome dad (and family in general)
*Micca "Logan, what are you watching?"  Logan "Ummm....First Thing in the Morning"  Micca "Do you mean Day After Tomorrow?"  Logan "Oh yeah, that's it."  LOL
*Laughing with friends


Choosing Joy - 365 Day Challenge

I've been thinking about positive changes I want to bring into my life for 2010 and beyond.  This year I want to do a better job at being Love and shining my Light. This year I want to choose joy, and seek joy out even in the hard times.

I heard an idea about keeping a Joy Journal; every day taking note of the things that bring me joy.  I also have been watching people doing a 365 photo-a-day challenge...I thought I would incorporate them both.

So today's photo is:  All I want for Christmas is my 4 front teeth

Today's joy-filled moments:

*Lunch with my BFF Brenda and her amazing family.  I love you!!
*A hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and my iPod
*Cuddling with hubby in the dark listening to music.

Have you set New Years resolutions?  What are they?