Reprioritizing....or....Love the One You're With

I was talking with a good friend the other day about the complexity of relationships.  We had both come to the conclusion we needed to be better at giving the person we are spending time with our undivided attention.  The person standing before us or sitting beside us is in our presence at that exact moment in time for a reason.  I should be loving on that person, and listening to them...instead of constantly checking my cell phone for messages, or instead of going through my mental to-do list when I should be listening.   

I do love my blackberry.  It's always blinking to tell me I have a new message of some sort.  I have three email accounts send all their messages there.  My fellow tweets and Facebook buddies messages all come to me on my little pink battery.  I have the world of information at my fingertips, and I allow the world to preoccupy me too much of the time.   I have friends who I've learned to not check my cell phone when I'm with them, because they've made it clear it offends them. You know what?  In the time I'm with them, I don't miss it.  We are laughing, talking and simply enjoying each others company.  Why can't I do this with everyone?

In Fusion we have been talking about regrets.  My overall addiction to technology (my blackberry and my laptop) has seriously hurt some of my relationships, and for that I am truely sorry.  I've put messages, sometimes messages from people I've never actually met...before the person sitting right next to me.  This is my regret (well, one of many but that is a different blog post all together *smiles*) Instead of dwelling on this regret though, this is something I can easily control.

So here is what I promise.  When I am with you, you will have my undivided attention.  I will do better job asking questions about you or your day instead of being so self consumed.  I hope to leave our conversation feeling like I connected with you. Hopefully because of this you will understand....

If you send me a text, IM, Facebook message or tweet that I don't answer right way, or if I hit ignore on your incoming call.... it's not because I don't love you or don't want to hear from you. It's simply because I'm trying hard to love the one I'm with.