Cardboard Testimonies

I stumbled upon this video today. Sometimes we (I) forget just how big and amazing our God is. He has the power of transforming lives!!! He's been in the people changing business from the beginning. Look at Paul. He went from Saul: hater of Christians to Paul: Sold out to Jesus.

"Soon he began to preach about Jesus in the synagogues, saying, "Jesus is the Son of God." All the people who heard him were amazed. They said, "This is the man who was in Jerusalem trying to destroy those who trust in this name!" Acts 9:20-21

I think back to my BC days. I was lonely, empty, searching for anything and willing to try anything to fill the void in my life. How wonderful the day I realized all I needed was God. Now instead of an empty void, my cup overflows. Thank you, Jesus!

Check out this video.

What is your cardboard testimony?



Cambiel said...

I just watched the cardboard testimony video, and am close to tears as I remember that God does love us all, and feel His love reinforced inside me. Thank you so much for sharing that video xx

Apryll said...

I was completely in tears myself as I was watching it. Thanks for the comment.