Get in the spirit...


1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper. For every other gift giving occasion, I'm all about the bag...but there is just something about wrapping Christmas presents.

2. Real tree or Artificial? Artificial, we got a new pre-lit one after Christmas last year! I do miss having a real tree though.

3. When do you put up the tree? Thanksgiving weekend.

4. When do you take the tree down? Mid January. I love having it up...I hate to take it down

5. Do you like eggnog? Not a huge husband LOVES it. We start buying it early November.

6. Favorite gift received as a child? I can't remember Santa was always so generous.

7. Hardest person to buy for? My Grandpa, the man buys everything he wants when he wants it.

8. Easiest person to buy for? My sister...I guess because I know if I love it, she will.

9. Do you have a nativity scene? No, I need one.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Neither...I always have good intentions...but I'm not good at getting them all

11.Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Oh I don't know...ok...I'm not gonna say...I'm not here to hurt feelings. :)

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? White Christmas

13. When do you start shopping for
Christmas? I try to start early fall.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Do White Elephant gifts count?

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Fudge

16. Lights on the tree? Yes - lots.

17. Favorite Christmas song? I have to pick just one?? Probably Little Drummer Boy

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Stay home.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? not a chance.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? A Dalmation Dog Angel

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning.
Both, we open one on Christmas Eve.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the
year? All the commercialism

23. Favorite ornament theme or color? I have ornaments from when I was a kid and they are treasured keepsakes.

Favorite for Christmas dinner? Turkey, Sweet Potatoes and Green Bean casserole...yeah baby

25. What do you want for Christmas this
year? I really want an Amazon Kindle..but since that is not going to happpen...I don't know...I have enough stuff. My twin brother and his family, who I haven't seen in like 5 years, are going to be here...that is a present enough for me.

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