Technology I'm Drooling Over

I love to read. For people who know me, that statement comes to no surprise. I remember being in High School sitting in the library reading a book. This is what people are supposed to do in a Library, right? Anyway, I remember my friend Heath flipping paper clips at my "Gone with the Wind" book, and telling me I'm boring when I read. I don't understand the problem, I mean I'm completely entertained. :) And more poor husband tolerates a lot when I find a good book...you know a the-house-could-be-burning-down-around-me-and-I-wouldn't-notice kind of book. Oh, how I love to read; I love to get lost in the story; for a few moments(hours) escape reality.

My house is over-run by books, and I've donated countless books to the library to make room for more. I keep a catalog of books I've donated to the library so I can still check them out later. You get the idea?

All if this add's up to the one piece of technology I want more than anything. The Amazon Kindle 2. This thing is amazing!! Some of my favorite features, and surely would be my husband's favorite if I had one:

1) It holds 1,500 books! No more begging him to build me a 3rd bookshelf. :)
2) Books are cheaper, most books sell for around $9.00 (See it saves $, honey *wink, wink*)
3) The Kindle 2 has a read to me feature, so when I should be cooking dinner I can listen to my story and pay attention to what I'm cooking at the same time. (Hear that, no more burnt dinners.)

Hmmm...the more I think about it, the Kindle 2 could help me have marital bliss. :)

Do you have Kindle? What do you think?



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