30 Day Challenge

Yesterday I stumbled upon this blog post by JD Moyer. In it he talks about a period of time his family went without artificial light after sundown. He wrote about how our bodies naturally have a sleep rhythm that coordinate with the rising and setting of the sun. He discussed how our use of artificial light has thrown off that rhythm, which causes us to not only not have enough hours of sleep, but also not enough quality sleep.

In the 30 days he found "In a nutshell: more sleep, better sleep, improved mood, and an entirely different rhythm to both waking and sleeping life." As someone who has never slept well, this idea intrigued me. I talked to hubby and he is behind it 100%. Now at sundown we are turning off the TV's, computers, cell phones and (gasp) my iPad. We are going to spend time reading/playing games by candle light, talking, cuddling...err...etc. :)

I am really excited to see where this takes us over the next 30 days. I will let you know how it goes. We started last night, and I couldn't believe how relaxing it was, and how rested I felt this morning. Anyone want to play along?


Apryll :)


Laura said...

Oh sooo cool! Yes, please let us know how it turns out for you. I'm sure it will be hard to discipline yourself the first week, but I bet it will be worth it. I might even attempt this idea myself. I bet you and your husband will be a lot closer at the end of the 30 days too! Sounds like a win-win to me : )

Good luck not using the ipad...those things are so cool! My hub and I want to get one for several different reasons. Buying and storing books on there is one of the main reasons. We like to read to our son and it would be nice to have a "library" at our house, right?

Have a great day! I appreciated the post. :-)

Rachel said...

That is a very interesting premise. It's so true when you think of the roots of his argument...after all, it's only recently that we've developed artificial light....and we've got this society existing throughout the nights.

Let me know how it goes. I found your blog through theblogfrog.

And, buy the way, my brother has an ipad and it's awesome. It's on our "I'd love to have" list.


Callaluna said...

How is the experiment going? Having spent many a late night with you online, I can imagine its difficult! Best of luck!

Apryll said...

Hey Gals, I have posted an update. :)

Laura & Rachel, I LOVE my iPad!! Books was the main reason I purchased it, but I love it for my google reader as well. Oh, I love it for many reason. LOL Let me know if you get one.

Luna, Girl I MISS hanging w/ you and G online. I love reading your blog. Let me know if you get online and I'll come play. Love ya!