Update on Lights Out's been a crazy couple weeks trying to adjust turning the lights/electronics off at sundown.  It's amazing how much "flipping on a light" is a habit...even if the light isn't really needed. One thing about this lights out experiment is it gives me much less time to do things online...such as update my blog. LOL

In all, I LOVE this experiment, and I love the idea behind it even if I'm not successful every night. I find myself looking forward to sundown, I love the look of my house in candle light. I love how peaceful and relaxing it is. Some how reading by candle light seems to bring me more joy than reading already did...and I LOVE to read people. :)

My shocker, I really don't miss my computer and the TV...well, I don't want much TV anyway, so turning that off is more of a sacrifice for hubby than for me. However the iPad and I are BFF's...and I don't mind turning it off at sundown...well...unless I'm engrossed on someone's blog or the newest iBook I downloaded. LOL  There is something relaxing about turning it off and not worrying about what is happening in the rest of the world.

So the only pitfall is it's hard to accomplish this goal when other people (even if it's just one person) lives on the house.  My dear, sweet, hubby who agreed to play along...well...makes it complicated.  See, it's basketball finals (Go Boston...just sayin)...and he has a brand new HCT Incredible phone...both of which require his attention long after sundown.  SO...I find my self in our beautifully candlelit bedroom alone reading...while hubby is in the living room watching TV or playing FarmVille.  Not exactly the idea of romance I had in mind. I was really hoping this candlelight time would kinda bring us together...forced quality time sort of's still early.  Perhaps soon he will look forward to sundown as much as I do.

So...that is a quick update on how the experiment is going. Hopefully I will check in sooner next time.  :)

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