Pure Joy

I am having a great time with my Norwegian “daughter”.  She does so much that brings delight to my everyday life.  Some random things that make me smile:


·         She asks me to braid her hair.  It might seem silly, but I just love sitting there chatting and braiding her hair.

·         I love reading, and I love being read to.  Yngvild likes to read out loud to work on her English, so last night she asked if she could read to me. Pure bliss.

·         She talks…a lot.  I love listening to her…whether she is talking about her day, or Norway, or whatever.  I can tell she is comfortable because she just opens up and starts talking.

·         She loves music as much as I do.  When DH isn’t home, we mostly listen to music and talk.  I love that we like a lot of the same music, and that we can introduce each other to artists we weren’t familiar with.

·         We both love movie nights.

·         She sings.  She sings in the car, in the shower, when she is getting ready in the morning, when she is hanging out in her room.  I love hearing her sing…it tells me her heart is happy.

·         She has this phrase she frequently uses which just makes me giggle.  She always says “I couldn’t be bothered to…”  She uses it like we might say “I didn’t feel like doing…”  For example: “My feet are cold, but I couldn’t be bothered to put on socks”.  I love it, makes me giggle every time.

·         Most importantly, she just has a heart of gold.  She genuinely cares for people and animals.  She rejoices with them when they are happy, and her heart breaks if someone is sad.


We are blessed to have such a great girl in our life.  I know DH is enjoying having her around as much as I do.  We have a long weekend together, and I’m so excited.  I think a shopping trip is in order.  J



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