Today is a good day

Right now I'm sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings, half watching the Buffs get demolished by the Rams, and half reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. I found something I can eat on the menu, which is always exciting for me....and enjoying time with my husband.

I think sometimes I forget to stop and recognize the simple blessings in my life...maybe spending the morning out in the country made me reflective today. Yngvild and I rose early this morning to go out to a friends family farm and go horseback riding. I love visiting farms, almost as much as I love going to the mountains....almost. Getting out of the city, watching the sun rise, smelling the fresh air....and the only creature you have to communicate with is the horse. God, me, horse....peace. What an amazing way to start a Saturday. Yngvild is a natural on a horse. You could tell she was at peace, and totally in her element at the farm. She lives on a farm in Norway.

I dropped her off with friends to go watch a soccer game, and I retreated home for a bath and get ready to come watch football with my hubby. I think he loves that I come to spend time with him. This is my husbands element. He gives me a hard time about bringing my iPad and a book when there are so many games you can watch all at the same time. LOL I don't think I'd have it any other way though. :)

Well...I think I'll check in on Facebook and get back to my book.


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