Crazy for Simplicity

In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

My husband and I bought our time share in the fall of 2002, just before we were married.  It has been a tremendous blessing to us, because it has enabled us to go on several vacations we wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford.  So many of our friends mention how we travel a lot, and I suppose since we don't have children it is just a lifestyle we've adopted.  Jeff never really traveled before he met me.  His first plane ride was with me, and now I think it is fairly safe to say he has obtained the travel bug from me.

Traveling with our time share means that the destination we travel to there is a condo waiting for us. Sometimes it is one bedroom, sometimes two, but always a full condo...a couple of them have even been bigger than our own home.  It's nice because they have a full kitchen, which reduces the money we spend eating out, living room, bedrooms, etc.  There is something about these condos I mention EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  How little stuff there is. Don't get me wrong, there is everything you could ever need to live here permanently....just nothing extra.  No nik-naks fighting for a space, everything has a home.  Today I was tidying up the condo getting ready for my husband to join me in the mountains, and it took no time at all.  It was so simple and efficient.  Every time I leave our time share I am determined to go home and get rid of every extra thing we simply don't need.  

I've mentioned several times on here how I'm tired of chaos, how I need to return to a place of simplicity, and the time is now.  I've been reading blogs, books, etc, on minimalism and the more I read the more I crave this simplistic lifestyle.  I truly hope it is something we can adopt.

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