Lessons in Faith - Feeding Jesus

It's obvious I've been consumed with tornados the past couple days. Every time the wind gusts I'm diving for cover. OK...maybe not that bad, but close.

I've also been consumed with the thought of having to buy a new car. Wondering if we'll be able to afford the downpayment and a car payment. To put it bluntly, I've only been thinking of myself.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about feeding the homeless this Sunday afternoon. The food bank usually provides the meat, but they are unable to this month. SO (since I was still thinking about myself) I was instantly worried about how i was going to afford to feed 150 homeless people when I need to buy a new car.

So I started talking to my dear husband about it last night and he very sternly (but sweetly) reminded me how blessed we are that all we lost in the tornado was a car, when so many lost all they had. Then he reminded me how all we have isn't ours and if God wants us to put $100 less down on a car so some homeless people can eat, then I shouldn't be getting in the way of God. I don't know what I was so worried about.

I know that once we get there on Sunday, it will be such a blessing. I just need to stop "freaking out" and keep putting my faith where it belongs...with our precious Heavenly Father.

So the lesson for today. In stead of keeping my thoughts on myself...I need to be focusing on Jesus, and in stead of worrying about a car...I should be making some time to feed Jesus.


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