Sleepless nights

The time is 12:48am. Why am I awake when I have to be at work early tomorrow morning? Good questions :o) It started out because I am downloading new songs onto my mp3 player and it is taking FOREVER. I actually kinda feel bad for all the times I've had my husband download songs for me. I had no idea it would take HOURS.

Now I'm just restless. I'm excited for this weekend. I am working , so it will be nice to get some hours at Suppers. I'm excited that Arron, our new senior minister, will be in town this weekend house hunting. I'm hoping I'll get go hang out with Rhonda a little bit. Rhonda is Arron's wife. We only met her over one weekend, but I already like her a lot and hope we can become friends. On top of that I've been worrying about my dear husband. He hasn't been himself for a few weeks but doesn't want to talk about why. Naturally...being the complete woman that I am...I feel like we HAVE to talk about it. ha ha. It's funny though, usually he is Mr. Talkative and has to get all his words I'm complaining that he's not talking. It's funny how in the middle of the night we get our brains all in a tizzy over little things. Thinking through every possible senario and situation. My youth group is on my mind, too. They are a pretty great group of kids. I love them completely and would probably do just about anything (within reason) for any of them. So what's bugging me? I can't help but wonder how many of them actually have a true relationship with Jesus. I think a lot of them simply believe because their parents do. Or are there because they have to be. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really even making a difference, and if I that a difference that is leading them towards the loving arms of Jesus Christ??

It's nights like this I think I'm just really needing to sit down and pray. Maybe I'm awake because I'm needing some one on one time w/ God. So why am I still on the computer? My songs are almost finished downloading. YEAH!!!

I'm thinking I really shouldn't be blogging in the middle of the night because my thoughts are random. Sleep is a beautiful thing...and I apparently don't function well without it. So...while I'm waiting for my last song to download. I'm going to log off and pray. Pray for peace and sleep. :)


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