Easy to Please

I got this text message from my dear husband while I was at work today:

"I am at McDonalds watching SpongeBob and eating chicken nuggets...this is so awesome!!!"

Some of you may be thinking my hubby's text message is dripping with sarcasm. Oh no, my man was in hog heaven. In fact, I think if there is no McDonalds or SpongeBob in heaven, he might not want to go. (kidding)

I am blessed that my husband is easy to please in the food department. Our first year of marriage, I worked so hard to put a really good meal on the table. I'll never forget the first night I was in a hurry and just threw together mac and cheese, tuna, and a can of mixed veggies. Oh, yeah...we're talking world class meal... He LOVED it. Every other meal he would eat, no complaints. But this he complemented every bite.

Gotta love him. :}



Blarney said...

Mine is just happy there is something on the table!
Thanks for stopping by & your dog is too cute ~ buy cheaper chew toys. ;)

Kristen Andrews said...

Mine is picky but will eat easy stuff like mac and cheese and sandwiches! He like the same stuff my 2.5 yr old does.

Sydney said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you'll stop by again soon!

Lula! said...

My husband would be happy in McDonald's if Nascar were on the TV screen. Yeah, he's very redneck like that!

I'm so glad you are loving the Twilight series...let me know what you think of Eclipse--I loved it more than New Moon.

And I used to agree with you over the whole Robert Pattinson-as Edward theory. He was reviled by fans worldwide when the casting was announced. I didn't hate him, I just thought he wasn't Edward, ya know? But the more I see of the film clips, photos, etc., the more I believe is IS gonna be Edward. Plus...and this is so huge...Stephenie Meyer was interviewed recently about the time she spent on the film set, watching her book come to life. She was quoted as saying, "Bring a paper bag to the movie theater--'cause when you see Rob as Edward, you're going to hyperventilate!"

I've got my little brown bag ready! Woooooooooooooooo!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

That is so sweet. Lucky for me, Mr.4444 does most of the cooking around here! :)