Grandma Would Have Been Laughing

I couldn't let this moment move past my life without posting it here. So while I was on here Thursday night having a good go-through-an-entire-box-of-tissue cry, my sweet little queen of destruction was having her way with my brand new shoes!!

Oh yes. I had worn them once, and owned them for 24 hours. Apparently she was thinking the money would have been better spent on some new chewies for her.

Oh yeah. If Grandma would have been here....she would have loved it. I couldn't help but laugh.



Jen said...

hahaha. ohhh that just figures huh? thats a bummer, they're cute shoes!!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh I so miss those days..


Course our dog didn't do shoes - just downspouts and house siding.

I popped over to say thank you for the comments you left on my blog on my SITS day last week!

Apryll said...

Downspouts and house siding??? Oh my, thanks for the new perspective.

Glad your dog has moved past that stage! I'm sure you are, too!!