The Queen of Destruction Strikes Again

My sweet little Cairn has once again gone on her path of destruction. You might remember a post from a couple months ago where she destroyed my brand new shoes? Well she has struck again....several times.

It all started on Christmas Eve. Who knew that dogs could climb? Santa was sitting on top of my dresser, and some how my sweet little angel of a dog obtained Santa clause from the dresser top.

Poor Santa lost his beard in the process!! I showed Erin (that is the dog) Santa and told her that I'm pretty sure Santa doesn't visit little girls who cruelly attack him. Well, apparently Santa is more forgiving than I am and didn't hear my threat...because there were treats in her stocking on Christmas morning.

**(Authors note: Yes, my dog has a stocking...doesn't every dog? I do know that you cannot reason with a dog nor treat her like a child. Should Cesar Millan stumble upon my blog, he would shake is head.)**

My friends, it doesn't end there. Last week a BOLO (Be On The Look Out) went out for a missing angel ornament from the Christmas tree. Well, the poor, victomized, angel was found...missing her wings, hair, and halo.

Then last night topped it all. See we were still taking down our decorations, so small christmas items that needed to be wrapped and boxed were set upon the coffee table. Among those items were Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus. Well, about 10pm I heard Erin crunching on something that just didn't sound like a rawhide. So I say "What are you eating, Erin?" to which she promptly jumps up, grabs her treat, and runs into her kennel. Upon inspection I find something that was barely recognizable, but I would know that eye from anywhere. I quickly go to check, and sure enough Joseph was standing there by himself...without his family! I look at Erin, put on my best Brooklyn accent and head bob saying "oh no you didn't?!" I started marching down the hall to her second favorite hiding place (under my bed) and she quickly retreated back into her kennel. Sure enough, the rest of Mary and Baby Jesus was found. Baby Jesus was safe although his manger did not make it. I returned baby Jesus to Joseph promising him a new Mary and a new manger by next Christmas. I can't find it anywhere in the bible, but I told Erin I was pretty sure it's a sin to eat baby Jesus and his mom.

I cannot show you pictures, my friends. They would be just too horrific.

The good news: just a few short weeks after Christmas...the decorations are finally all down, boxed, and back into storage.

Happy Friday!!

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Denise said...

This made me giggle, lol