Lazy Sunday's

I love Sunday. In fact...the only thing I do not like about Sunday is that it means tomorrow is Monday. LOL

My family has a tradition of going out to breakfast every Sunday morning. I love this! We sit there for hours eating, laughing, talking. I realize very few people have their 88 year old Grandpa to I try to enjoy as many moments with him as possible. My Grandpa's BFF John also joins us for these breakfasts. He is like another Grandpa to me, and it is fun to see how his jokes make my Grandpa's entire face light up.

After breakfast I head off to church. My family says my church is a little too "holy roller" for them (what my mom calls it because of the "rock" music) LOL I am enjoying that it is becoming a little charismatic, and I LOVE the people that go there. I love how on the Sundays my hubby has to work, I can go there and never have go sit by myself. There are so many people who feel like family, and I love that.

Oh, and I love Sunday afternoon naps. I always fall asleep in the couch with my puppy curled up on my lap. :)

Now I am off to figure out something amazing for dinner. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!


What made one happy today:
* old movies on TV
* my Grandpa's laugh
* cherished time with friends and family


Mona said...

Sundays are great for me now too. I just started a weekly grocery shopping trip with a friend of mine. It makes shopping for groceries so much more enjoyable and great for us stay at home moms to get out of the house together!

Apryll said...

Oh I love that idea!!! I dread going to the grocery store. A friend would make the trip much more enjoyable. :)

Bethany@ImperfectMom said...

Sundays are special, aren't they? A Sunday just has a unique "feel" to it.

Apryll said...

Bethany, I agree, they do have their own feeling, :) Gotta love it.

Sena said...

That really has to be a perfect sunday, And i know exactly what you mean about dreading the Monday!