A New Kind of Joy

So if you've spent any time reading blogs, there are actually several blogs written by happy homemakers who talk about the joy of homemaking.  If I'm being completely honest...all them made me think two things:

1) The had to be lying...I mean, who actually likes to clean??
2) If the are telling the truth, I wish I could find joy in it.

Don't get me house stays tidy.  However, we have more stuff than we really need...and neither one of us has a ton of spare time on our hands to go through stuff.   SO, today I had a free day while hubby was at work and decided I should conquer our master bedroom closet.  It was actually fun.  I took out three bags of clothes.  One bag of stuff that is going to good will, one bag that just went straight to the trash, and one bag of items that can be repaired (buttons sown back on, hems repaired, etc.). Plus I uncovered clothes that I actually forgot that I have!!

I just couldn't believe how much joy I got out of the I know my husband is going to be so excited!  So, yes my friends...I had fun cleaning.  :)

Things that brought me joy today:
1) Hubby coming home to spend time with me on his lunch break.
2) My clean closet (of course)
3) All my new BlogFrog friends!


Bethany@ImperfectMom said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from Blog Frog! I sooooo need to declutter closets around here-once I start, I don't mind it so much, but getting the motivation to do it is hard!

Apryll said...

Thanks for stopping by!! I hear you on motivation. My motivation is my hubby saying...every day...the closet really needs to be cleaned out. Hahaha