Late Night Musings

I love family. The unspeakable bonds that join people is more than blood. These are the people who get you, these are the people who make you want to be a better person. These are the people who...even if you only see them every couple years...feel like home.

This week I have the pleasure of spending time with some family in Florida. I am SO happy to be here. It is days like today you want to hold on to forever. As the day ends,and people go to is almost sad to bid the day goodbye.

I am so, incredibly, blessed.I am surrounded by people who fill my heart with such joy and peace. For a little while this endless ache for something better passes away, and I am filled with contentment. I really should make more time to be in this place.

As everyone was going to bed tonight Yngvild asked me if I would stay up and watch a movie with her. We decided to watch Eat Pray Love. This is one book I have read more than once, and I have loved the movie just as much. Tonight I finally get it. I get why I have been drawn to Elizabeth Gilbert who was on this quest to feel something. To feel life, love, devotion to something greater than yourself. I have been on a quest of my own this past year. A quest to find me, to find purpose. Weeks like this, surrounded by loved ones...they help.

Blessings and good night.

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