I'm No "Extreme Couponer", but....

The hubz and I have been seeking out ways to save some money and pay off some bills. Several years ago I tried to do some shopping combining sales with coupons, but it was a lot of work for little savings. Inspired by TLC's show Extreme Couponing, I thought I would give it try again and bought a newspaper last week. I have no intention of become a hoarder...but if we can get the things we are going to use anyway for pennies on the dollar...I'm all for that. :)

The deals don't really add up until you've accumulated about a months worth of coupon inserts, but I was pretty excited to see what deals I could find early on. We had a fun night figuring out the deals and just spending time together.

So here it is:

We got about $30 worth of products for $9...would have been $7 but I grabbed the wrong coupon. Oh well. LOL

- Blessings!

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