Feeling Excited

I love January, it's my second favorite month.  I love the freshness, everything is new.  Especially this year!  New Month, New Year, New Decade....it's full of possibilities.  I love that I've been on here blogging...even though I've really been blogging about nothing...but that is ok, because as far as readers, I don't have many.  :)   (Hi Mom!...Actually, I am pretty sure my mom doesn't read my blog, lol)

I think this year, more than most, I'm ready for a fresh start in my life.  I've been growing rather discontent with the "status quo".  I kinda feel like I put a bookmark in my life a couple years ago and stopped reading.  I don't know what's going to happen next in the story because I've let the book of my life become dusty. As much as I resist change in my life, change is good, change keeps things fresh, change keeps life moving forward.  I don't know that I'm any better, any different than I was at this point two years ago...or even four years ago.

I want to do better at  loving people...really loving them....especially the ones in my life who are hard to love.  I want to knock down the wall I use to keep people out, and start letting people into my life again.  I want to start doing something with my life that means something, I want to make a difference in this world. Oh, and I want to read more.  I definitely want to read more.

So, I'm excited about the things I'm accomplishing now.  I'm excited to go to Boulder tomorrow with Lea, and to go to my old home town.  I'm excited for the opportunity that creates to take some pictures.  I'm SO excited about the thought of not having to go to work tomorrow. HA! Oh what a day tomorrow can hold. 

Oh, and my favorite month is February in case you are wondering.  :)  It's my birthday month, and I love birthdays!

Things that brought me joy today
*My husband calling just because he wanted to hear my voice.
*My awesome agents and their staff who keep my laughing all day long.
*My friend who told me I did a great job in a meeting today and said I really know my stuff.
*Watching Made of Honor with Lea tonight and laughing...even though the movie is completely predictable.


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