Minor Adjustments

OK, so if you are someone who actually reads this've probably noticed I'm already falling off the bandwagon, because I didn't post a pic/what brought me joy.  I'm finding it difficult to both remember to take pictures (the camera is now in my purse) and downloading the pic on my husbands computer onto a thumb drive then onto my computer.  Perhaps a new laptop would make this easier (hint, hint to my husband).  HA

So, I'm thinking my pictures will post every copy days instead of every day, but there will still be a picture taken each day (except for yesterday because I missed it. )

Sunday's Joy:

*Sunday afternoon naps!  (those are the best!!)
*KC Chiefs win

Today's Joy:
*Making up with a friend I had a small argument with, and a sweet note from another friend.
*Getting tons of work done, I love productive days!
*Coming home to my family

I hope you have been able to find some joy in your days!

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