Is It Me that is Changing?

So lately I’ve noticed a huge change in my husband.  Here are some examples:  He’s cooked me breakfast, done the laundry, called me from work because he wanted to hear my voice, sent me text messages saying he misses me, he’s just been…sweet.  He’s giving me lots of hugs and he kisses me like he means it!!!

So last night I asked him why he was being so incredibly sweet to me…not that I’m complaining. *smiles* He said something that still shocks me to this moment.  He said he hasn’t changed at all, that I have.  The look of confusion on my face spurred him to explain.  He said that he has always done this sort of thing before, that up until now I simply hadn’t noticed or was annoyed.  That he’s always done small things like this to show his love for me, it’s just taken me this long to notice and appreciate them.  He said he wasn’t the one who change, instead it was me.

You know what he attributes this change to?  My blogging new year’s resolution.  He likes that I’m looking for the good in things, especially him.  Now the vast improvement in kisses I’m sure is a change…I’m pretty sure I’d remember those!!  Perhaps this is because I’ve been telling him how much I appreciate him. *winks*

Who knew my love bug has been right there in front of me the whole time?!? How could I be so blind?  I’m sorry, Jeff, for not noticing all of your sweet/loving/thoughtful actions; for not fully appreciating the amazing man that you are.  I’m so incredibly grateful you are my husband.  Thank you for loving me where I am, even when I’ve been incredibly un-loveable.  Words cannot explain how deep my love is for you, or how thankful I am for you.

Things that have brought me joy:
·        * My incredible husband
·        * An iPod full of music I love
·         *The thought that I have the next 5 days off!! Woot!
·          * I have the love of a lifetime
·         *Snow capped mountains against Colorado Blue skies  = Beautiful

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