Me n Daddy

This is my late post for yesterday. I was so exhausted by the time I got home, there was no way I could get online and blog.  :)

You know what is cool about this New Years resolution of mine?  Yesterday I was totally focused on what good was going on in my life, on what things were bringing me joy.  What an awesome thing to be looking for/focused on!

Here is pic number 2 of me and my Daddy.  This might not seem like a great picture, but it made me feel special to see how focused he was on whatever it is that I was saying. :)

So here are some random things that brought me joy yesterday:

*Having such an awesome dad (and family in general)
*Micca "Logan, what are you watching?"  Logan "Ummm....First Thing in the Morning"  Micca "Do you mean Day After Tomorrow?"  Logan "Oh yeah, that's it."  LOL
*Laughing with friends

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