I'll Just Keep Swimming

Tonight I went for a swim. I've always been a huge fan of the water. Water is almost blissful to fact I'm fairly certain Heaven has majestic mountains and lots of would be Heaven to me anyway. :)

Tonight as I was swimming it was felt defeating. 'Back in the day' I used to swim competitively, and I was fairly good at it. I could swim for hours and never get tired. That was I'm not in the shape I was then. Tonight 25 meters, 1 length of the pool, had me panting. The water seemed to mock me, each lap was harder, each lap required more breathing, each lap demanded more, and each lap the wall looked further away. Right before I started to feel defeated, I remembered that I had just successfully won a battle losing almost 70 pounds. Sure my 17 year old body could swap laps around the 33 year old body I have now, but I couldn't let my mind defeat me now. I kept swimming. I kept pushing myself until my body had nothing more to give, and then I swam one more lap. Right now my heart isn't strong, my body is weak...but tonight it is stronger than it was this morning. Walking out of the pool my legs were wobbly, my breathing was hard, movement seemed impossible...and it was awesome. In my weakened state I was stronger.

Right now this is my battle, and tonight I wasn't defeated. I'm not sure what your battle is, but I know that every minute takes determination. Every moment is a choice. I hope you choose to just keep swimming. :)


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